Discover the job of keeper/animator in a zoological establishment.
Come and share the everyday life of a keeper for half a day at Gramat Animal Park.


Booking required
- Enthusiast : € 120 (duration : approx. 4 hours) 
- Curious : € 90 (duration : approx. 3 hours)







You will share duties on one of the three keeper tours: the carnivore tour !

You will meet wolves, foxes, lynx, bears, ferrets, raptors, etc.
The animals are mainly fed in the morning. You will therefore meet the keeper at 8h30 in front of the entrance to the Park farm.
Together you will pick up the equipment, vehicle and food required for your duties. Those accompanying you can discover the park at their leisure as it begins to wake up.
You will walk around one part of the Park, enter enclosures, respecting safety precautions of course, to feed, clean (briefly), count, observe and check the well being of the residents.

Diet, behaviour, identification, reproduction and habitat are subjects that you may discuss with the keeper accompanying you. They will try to answers your questions as best as possible, you will share their personal experience of the different species encountered, the production and maintenance of enclosures, capturing and handling the animals, etc.

Your experience will end at about 12h30 following which you will have the opportunity to revisit the Park but as a visitor this time.