Situated in the very heart of the Dordogne Valley, Gramat Animal Park is a unique site for preserving and conserving European wildlife and domestic species.
Set between Rocamadour and Padirac, Gramat Animal Park provides more than two hours of walks in the 40 shady hectares of the Causses throughout the year. It combines an educational and cultural approach while remaining a relaxing place for families.


Managed by the ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY AND PROTECTION OF FAUNA AND FLORA IN THE CAUSSES, Gramat Animal Park, an association governed by the French law of 1901, was created in 1976. 
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC IN 1979, the Animal Park was ‘park of vision’ before being called ‘Gramat Animal Park’. The Park strives to add value to this distinctive natural space that is so special. 
In 1985, the Animal Park created a EUROPEAN CONSERVATORY OF PRIMITIVE BREEDS OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS.  This conservatory was formed for the purpose of protecting different breeds of animals that have existed for centuries, but that are unfortunately disappearing over time.
Come and discover Gramat Animal Park at the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park. The park is accessible all year long, accommodating over a thousand wild and domesticated animals from European countries.
You can enjoy a pleasant and peaceful walk in this unique place with so many things for children to discover.
You can observe wolves, bears, lynx, otters, buffalos and many cervidae, as well as a conservatory of endangered domestic species. 
Gramat Animal Park introduces visitors to a protected natural environment. The aim here is to relearn how to identify, appreciate and protect the fauna and flora of our own legacy.
The park welcomes 90,000 visitors per year. Thanks to its diversity, the Park continues to develop and offer many cultural events throughout the year. Gramat Animal Park completely immerses its visitors in a protected natural environment.

The aim here is to de learn again how to recognise, appreciate and protect our own legacy, its fauna and flora. (repetition)



New feature in 2017: the Doline des Ours and cave. 
Unique in Europe given its integration into the landscape, the Doline des Ours is a 7,500 m² enclosure that has been constructed for the well-being of 4 residents: Naout, Nénette, Flocon and Groseille - brown bears from parks in the Pyrénées.
This space respects the environment and integrates the landscape and identity of the Causses: the doline and existing drystone walls have been kept and the oak trees preserved. 
A glass gallery has been designed to enable visitors to get up close to the bears…just one small step away from stroking them.
To top it all off, a cave was discovered and been brought to the fore.
These improvements have been revolutionary at the Animal Park!

Take a unique walk in Gramat Animal Park, a preserved natural place with something for everyone…