Prices and ticket office


Are activities included in the ticket price?

Yes, all activities (school holiday feeding sessions and events) are included in the ticket price. There is no additional cost for this. For more details please check our news. (link)

Where can I buy my ticket? (online, Dordogne Valley Tourist Offices, on site)

You can buy your tickets:
  at Gramat Animal Park
at Dordogne Valley Tourist Offices – Rocamadour – Collonges-la-Rouge 


What is an annual pass?

The annual pass is available to everyone. At €30 for adults and €20 for children (aged 3 to 11 years), you have unlimited access to the Animal Park for 1 year. You can purchase it directly from the reception desk at Gramat Animal Park.
The annual aass enables you to share key moments at Gramat Animal Park such as the arrival of new residents, the first steps taken by our baby animals and major developments!

Do you have any shelter in the event of adverse weather conditions?

We have shelters or rooms available for individuals, groups and schools in the event of adverse weather.

I’m coming with a wheelchair user, is the park accessible?

Yes, 90% of Gramat Animal Park is accessible to wheelchair users. 

During your visit


Can you visit the animal park by bike or scooter?

No, apart from children (3 to 11 year olds).

Do you still have pushchairs to borrow?

Yes, pushchairs are available at the reception desk (limited number). 

How long does it take to visit the park?

It takes 2 to 3 hours. 

Can you picnic in the park?

Yes, you can picnic in the park. The picnic area is located at the entrance to the park but you can have a picnic anywhere in the park. Please use the rubbish bins provided. You can return to your car to leave your picnic bags as long as you show your entrance ticket.

Is there anywhere to have lunch in the park?

Yes, Gramat Animal Park has a self-service restaurant (local fast food) and a snack bar (drinks, ice-cream, pancakes, waffles, etc.) with seasonal opening times.

The park


Is the park closed in the winter?

The Animal Park is open all year, except 25th December. For further information see the opening hours page (link). 

How big is the park?

The Animal Park covers over 40 shady hectares. 


How many visitors are there per year?

The Animal Park welcomes 90,000 visitors per year.

How many employees are there?

Gramat Animal Park employs 14 full-time workers and seasonal workers during the summer season.

How do you become an animal keeper?

To become an animal keeper, there are 4 establishments in France to train as a qualified animal keeper.

Our animals


How many species are there in the park?

Gramat Animal Park has 1,000 wild and domestic European animals encompassing 150 different species.

Can you see the animals in the winter?

Yes, except for the marmot that hibernates, you can see many animals in the winter in spite of their activity being somewhat different. 

How much food are the animals given each day?

Meals for our residents vary depending on their species. For example, herbivores have a hay-based ration, carnivores have a meat-based ration and omnivores have fish, vegetables and fruit.

Can animals be purchased?

Yes, every Monday afternoon (except public holidays), Gramat Animal Park has poultry for sale according to availability. You can contact the manager (Mondays only) on + 33 (0) 
For further information regarding other animals from different conservation species (ovine, porcine, etc.), please contact the Animal Park (contact link).